HL Alumni Collective

Hi to

all the alums ...


This is under construction ...


In the meantime, we'd PLEASE like the answers to the following questions. You can email answers to harlemlive@harlemlive.org


We have a longer list of question we'd like answered but for now these will do:


Post HL:
1. Since HL, what have done academically and professionally?
… and What do you do right now?
2. What are your goals for the next 2 years? 5 years? 10 years?
3. How would you assess yourself currently in the pursuit of these goals? What obstacles must you overcome?
4. Do you wish you could do something that you haven’t been able to do (professionally, academically, socially, artistically)? 
5. State 3 to 5 most significant achievements, milestones in your life since your time at HarlemLIVE.
HL Alum Collective
How do you envision a collective being able to support and nurture others in their endeavors? What do you consider to be your strongest (practical) skills and assets?


The Full Survey:

1. Touch Basics
a. Name:
b. Martial Status:
c. DOB:
d. Kids:
e. High School:
f. Email / Address / Mobile or other phone
g. College
2. Involvement in HL
a. Years at HL:
b. What did you do while a student at HL:
c. Did you ever participate in any of the summer youth media challenges?
d. When, what role?
e. Were you active in anyway with program as alum?
f. How so? Or Why not?
g. Do you keep in touch with any alums / HL colleagues? advisors? email editors? or others associated with HL? Tell us a bit about those relationships, how long they lasted (or are still lasting), and what differences if any you felt those made on your life and/or career.
3. Post HL:
a. Since HL, what have done?
b. What do you do right now?
c. What do you wish to do in 3 years?
d. 5 years?
e. 10 years
f. Any unique details about yourself that we should know (places you've been, companies you've started or happily quit!, initiatives that you've supported or just insights you've had, etc?).
g. Do you wish you could do something that you haven’t been able to do (professionally, academically, socially, artistically)?
h. In what ways did HL shape your life decisions? skills? motivation?
i. Did you graduate HS:
j. Did HL shape that decision?
k. Did you attend or graduate from college and/or graduate school?
l. Did HL shape that decision?
m. If higher education, Where did you go? What did you study? (Did HL influence these decisions?)
n. If you didn’t graduate/attend, what did you do instead?
o. Please tell us how else HL may have influenced your life.
p. Is there anything you wish HL could have done differently? (Imagine if we had more resources- $, space etc. was there something you feel HL lacked when you were a student)?
4. HL Alum Association
a. Are you interested in becoming active with HL Alumni Collective?
b. What would you envision an HL Alumni Collective to be/do?
c. What skills do you have if this also became a bartering community?
d. How could an HL Alumni Collective / bartering community help you achieve your goals? Please be as honest and detailed as possible.
e. What do you consider to be your strongest skills or assets?


As we begin building the HL Alumn collaborative we encourage everyone to be passionate and work hard at current endeavors.

We will be distributing, collecting and analyzing a survey from the alums who participate and seek ways of building a nurturing, collaborative, and possibly bartering network amongst the group.

We feel the varied and interesting trajectories of the talented people that spent time at HarlemLIVE has the potential to play an important role, collectively and indvidually in the changes shaping the world. We hope you join us to create a supportive community from some smart, talented, think out side the box individuals. Namely, you!

We will be conducting and posting interviews and profiles of various alumni in the coming months.

Additionally, we hope to be coordinating trips and other activities.

Eventually, of course, we'll have a big reunion.