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Thank-you, Readers!!

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Thank-you for visiting HarlemLive.

HarlemLive welcomes the new millennium.  

We now have many new recruits. We have several classes in progress.

Recently, HarlemLive has been written up in Time Out New York, Source, and The Village Voice.

We are in a steady groove to bring you many new stories on a consistent basis. Come, have a look.


HarlemLive is an non-funded volunteer organization.

Therefore, we ask if there are any teachers or other professionals out there that would care to help guide us in our writing, networking, public speaking, growth and focus? Contact us!

If any other young brothers and sisters out there want to:

  1. Be a part of our staff
  2. Contribute story ideas
  3. Submit poetry or writing
  4. Positively move into the new millennium ...
    Contact us!


 The Staff of HarlemLive


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