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Date posted:03-23-02

A Heroes Quest

by Obatunji Mcknight


Ahhh…Hello! Come gather round and I’ll tell you a story of a young hero and his journey to complete his greatest adventure. It was not to long ago that our hero still a young man was leaving the dismal halls of his school where young heroes are tested to prove their worth. Now if you know our hero like I know our hero you’d know that he was prone to succeeding. Even when he wasn’t trying he would somehow manage to be the best.

He really had it all…. but I digress. Now our hero was leaving the building and hmmm… oh yes, he was tired so he was on his way to his safe haven. His personal Fortress of Solitude. His place where he could be one with the universe. In other words where he went to hangout and relax. Imagine his surprise when he got there and everyone was gone, the furniture included.

He was devastated. The guru who guarded and protected Obas’ (that’s our hero’s name) quiet place had warned him before that when the planets finally align it would be time for him to move on and take everything with him and Oba’s final and greatest test would come. Oba then knew that it was time. One bad decision could prove disastrous and most importantly his sanity hung in the balance. All of his training at school would amount to nothing if he couldn’t complete this great task. Now you may be thinking, “If he’s always successful why should he be worried?” and proves you obviously haven’t been listening. Planets aligning are not some everyday event that can be taken so nonchalantly.

Also going against our hero was that he didn’t even know where to start. So he began walking hoping that maybe he’d remember something that would help him. He reached a meadow and as he passed through it he saw a fellow hero from school by the name of Clifton. Clifton was lying on a bed of daisies as Oba approached. When Clifton saw him he rose to address the elder hero. Oba motioned him to stay relaxed. “I know why you’ve come,” said Clifton. “But how?” asked Oba.

“The guru you call Richard told me many things before he departed from your former Fortress of Solitude. Many things, which are to help you upon your journey.”
“So much is happening how can I be sure as to what I should do next?”
“Behold! I shall guide you for I am no longer a hero. I am a wizard! And behold! I alone know the path you must travel upon to reach your final destruction…er I mean destination!”
“O….k that’s nice. We’ll start out at dawn.”

They built a fire and prepared to sleep. “Shall I take the first watch?” asked Oba because not only was he brave, handsome, daring and brilliant, he was also kind, insightful and trustworthy. I did mention handsome right? Ok. “I am a wizard! Have you forgotten? We don’t need no stinkin’ watches!” with that Clifton turned over and went to sleep an example Oba soon followed. It was shortly before dawn when Oba awoke sensing a familiar presence near him. “O-o-o-o-o-ba-a-a-a-aaaaaaa, to complete this your mind and body must be one only then shall you achieve the glow!” it continued “O-o-o-o-o-o-ba-a-a-a-a-a-aaaaaa use the forks…. use the forks!” “Richard?” recognition startled him out of his drowsiness. “Richaaaaaaaaaarrrrrddd!!!!” Oba cried. “Come back I need guidance!” But only silence answered.

When Oba and Clifton set out after the sun rose he told Clifton about the dream. “Oh I almost forgot guru wanted to make sure you received these.” He handed Oba two golden forks. “I don’t know what their for but he seemed pretty adamant about you getting them.” “Thanks” Said Oba. He didn’t know why but having them was extremely comforting. Several hours later Clifton turned and said, “We approach our goal.” They left the train… I mean got off their horses and approached the giant tower they had been watching grown on their horizon for the past hour. They decided to rush in and were promptly stopped by the security, I mean the guardians of the tower. The guards began to kick them out but one happened to see the golden forks tucked into Oba’s belt. “Stop! It is the chosen one!” he cried. At once all fell to their feet and let them pass. They began walking and reached the foot of a great stair. “I’m too tired to climb this,” said Oba. “I have failed.”

“No I won’t be thwarted! I mean you won’t be thwarted!” said Clifton. “I will use magic to help you again.” And so they reached the summit. At the top there were two giant doors. “Go forth now and complete your destiny,” said Clifton. Oba went and pushed the doors with all his considerable strength. They began opening and blinding light streamed forth. “Oba you have done it!” Richard cried from within the chamber. “And so have I you fools!” spat Clifton. “ Behold! Now I shall destroy, destroy you all!!!!!!”

“Oba what have you done? Clifton is evil, use the forks! Use the forks before it is too late!”
It finally all made sense. Clifton was the secret bad guy every great adventure had. “Clifton are you really evil?!” asked Oba.

“Yes you buffoon and now you’ll pay. Muhahahahahahaaaaaa!”

Clifton raised his arm and began to cast a spell, a spell wihch would surely bring death to Richard. As fast as Clifton acted Oba was even faster. Pulling the forks from his belt he pierced Clifton through the heart.

“ARGH!!!!!” screamed Clifton as he crumbled to dust.

“Good job Oba you’ve saved the world once again!”

“But when did I save it before? Don’t I have to save it previously before I can save it again right?”

“Good job Oba you’ve saved the world once again! Make sure you close the door behind you on your way out.” Richard said.

“But can’t I stay?”

“Nah I’m pretty sure you can't. Your place is out there protecting the people. You must go now.”

“But I don’t even like them.”

“That’s all the more reason to protect them.”

“You’re making absolutely no sense at all. But whatever.” Oba turned to leave. “One more question…how did you get up all those stairs?”

“Oh that’s easy I took the elevator…I mean I used magic. Yes…magic.”

“Ohhhhh…ok” Oba said. He left and never saw Richard again. And everyone lived happily ever after.




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