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A memoir series

HL Livin It Up!!

by Shem Rajoon
Photos by Staff


After being in HarlemLive for five years, each drop of sweat was hard earned, each picture taken with pride. I had been HarlemLive's longest serving member and they actually had the nerve to deprive me of a simple ID card. I felt like I wasn’t being treated as I should. The guard later supplied me with a paper ID card to allow me access to HarlemLive on the 19th floor. Now I had to get there. I tried going up to HarlemLive through the closest elevators to me but unfortunately the building had more parts to it than it seemed. Now the business world was starting to get on my nerves.

Jason and Juan had departed to get a few supplies for HarlemLive, so the guard directed me where I needed to go. I had to walk through some more glass doors until came I across about four security guards, they all asked me for ID, after I showed then my ID and they directed me to the elevator. I think the security in the Bloomberg building is the most enforced issue because Bloomberg News is a very powerful source of New York. They report on financial and communtiy news from around the world. As Malcolm X says, "The media is the most powerful entity on earth."

After my long journey, I finally made it the new location of HarlemLive. After the scary elevator ride, I looked towards the huge conference room where HarlemLive was now based and said to myself, "Finally, HarlemLive is moving on up." I walked towards the glass door; it had two security guards in front of HarlemLive's room. They allowed me access to the floor by opening the large glass gateway. Based right behind the two security guards was our new home. I had the perfect view from where I was standing. The structure of the room was remarkable. There were about 30 double screen monitors on four rows of desks. The room was made so that each row was a level above the floor so I was about to see everything. Each computer was connected to a digital network controlled by Bloomberg. In the back of the room there were about seven huge glass windows looking down on the city.

Above the room hung a projector, which was connected to the main computer of the room; the main computer was a high-powered PC with a touch screen monitor. The powerful PC computer could control everything, from the lights, to the digital shades that came down to prevent the sun from entering the room. The computer was connected to a microphone that could be heard on speakers from any computer in the room. The room was so futuristic. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could make a cup of coffee from that machine.

I took my first step into the room. For some reason the place was filled with tension. Richard, our director, was moving all over the place talking on his cell phone. Michael Popo, Clifton Taylor and two other workers from Bloomberg were trying to fix the Internet access in the room. Somehow everyone seemed to be occupied. I felt like if I said anything inappropriate to anyone; even if it wasn’t intentional, I would be blamed for the monstrosity what was going on. I felt at that moment I should be cool and stay out of everyone’s way and let them get settled first then I would cause problems later. I walked to the back of the room being hypnotized by the city’s beauty. As I looked through the huge clear glass windows I was actually looking down on the Queens Borough Bridge. I could see the rush hour traffic on the city streets, the people looking like small ants. The view that I had, allowed me to see into other peoples offices. I think I even saw a businessman get fired on the spot through that window.

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