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Got Game?
Bring It!!!


*We won the first match in against the competition. They were no match for HarlemLive. The ending score was 41 - 39. Come and watch us again may 25th for the final tournament and hopefully the final victory!

Come and watch HarlemLive and other organizations battle it out in the name of better health and honor!!!

On April 25th & 26th, Adolescent Initiative's Outreach Coalition invites you to come and join or watch a free, two-day basketball tournament.

If you think you have what it takes or you'd just like to peep a game with those who do, feel free to participate by either sponsoring, participating, or giving cheers and support to HarlemLive.

For location or more information, please contact HarlemLive or Dawn.


  • Adolescent initiative Project
  • Alianza Dominicana
  • Dunlevy-Milbank
  • Harlem TAP/HAPPI
  • Harlem Congregations Community Improvement
  • Harlem Dowling West Side Center
  • Harlem Youth Enrichment Center
  • Iris House
  • Harlem Promotion Center
  • Minisink Townhouse
  • Project STAY
  • Services To Assist Youth
  • United Way NYC


Contact Information for Dawn

Phone: 212.305.1189
Email: dd433@columbia.edu

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