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HarlemLive: Arts & Culture
New York City: The very apex of culture, the essence of art, the epitome of style. Here at HarlemLive, we've dedicated an entire section to the epicenter of culture, history, and class with the intentions to bring you a multitude of noteworthy aspects of your local NYC community and beyond. Check out the sections and give us your feedback at HarlemLive@aol.com!


 Performing Arts

Extravagant culture and memorable stories told through movement. Dance schools and theaters give the city it's eclectic soundtrack. Experience life in the beautiful activity of body movement. Let your mind, body and soul be captivated by the performing arts.

Visual Arts
Let's check out the more visually artistic side of things. From the grafitti on the block to Picasso and Pollack in the MoMA to cartoons (Kudos to Associate-Editor-in-Chief Justin Young), it's all visual and its all art.


Where to begin with music? It saves lives, changes people and shapes them. Music is one of the most positive things a person can invest in. So when you go out and purchase a cd, you want it to be worth your while. Whether it's Michael Jackson's "Thriller" or the newest 50Cent album, music is the reason unites us because who doesn't love music? .

By the way, check out a few music archives too.

Movie Reviews
Check out the reviews of the latest action flick, comedy, or the next best oscar winner. So before you head out to the movies, make sure to visit our review section. Check out other reviews too.


Temples of knowledge. Preservation and conservation of our precious history.There's so much to experience from exhibits on King Tut to masterpieces of fine art by Vangouh.Take advantage of history at your fingertips.These museums are only a train ride away... Afterall , knowledge is power!

Who doesn't like fashion. We have the latest trends from cheap and sleek to expensive and outrageous. Check out style straight from the streets and off the runway.


Whether it be through the radio, the latest magazine, or the news, the media can make a good situation bad and viceversa. See how the media affects you and us. Check this site out for the latest opinions on contemporary media -- its faults, strengths, and controversies.