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Date Posted:09-06-02

The Freedom Tunnel

By Alex Rabin


When you arrive at the entrance of the Freedom Tunnel along Riverside Park, you are first greeted by a large "No Trespassing" sign hanging by a large metal-gridded, rusted silver gate. On the top of the fence is razor sharp barbwire. In various parts of the fence, however, there are holes. They are from graffiti writers tearing holes, so that they could get inside to do their work. After you pass the gates, there are various types of debris. In certain places, there is construction in progress. In these areas, there are tractors and dirt dug out from the ground. There are also many homeless people living in ragged tents and other places. Besides the construction sites, there are the tracks of the Amtrak line. Among these tracks, there are all different types of graffiti. The art is very remarkable. It’s dazzling to the eye. Some people call it graffiti, but others call it art. The bright vibrant colors are extraordinary. They include shining sunburst yellows, bleeding crimson reds, the heat of amber scorching to your eye and the cooling flow of aqua marine all topped off with the outline of flat black and the trimming with reflective metallic silvers. All these colors combine to make magnificent works that really // the rest of this story got corrupted.