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Uptown Dance Academy: 212 987-5030 by: Jennifer Hernandez
pictures by: Nicole Farrow



Robin Williams grew up in Detroit. As a young girl, she had potential and desire to become a dancer. She began to dance at the age of 4. As she grew older she attended the Junior High School for Dance, The High School for dance and Business Secretary and then on to college to study dance and her BFA. She performed as a dancer for Linette Borden Contemporary Dance Theater, Long Island Ballet and Goldman Newark Dance Theater . Ms. Williams taught with Ruth Williams,Harlem School of the Arts , Bernice Johnson and Charles Moore Dance Theater and also Linette Borden. She danced preprofessional at The Harlem Dance Theater of the Arts.


Her goals in life were to be a Prima Ballerina and to open her own business. Two years ago in May she decided to open up her own dance academy; Which is now the Uptown Dance Academy.

At the Academy, she offers every type of dance except for Latin which is being incorporating. Her love of dance encouraged her to open up her own school . She enjoys dancing and is very happy that she has opened up her own school.

During the interview I asked Ms. Williams if she could go back and change anything in her past what would it be. Her response was that she would not bring or ask the people who she asked to go with her to open up the school. She said when she asked they didn't want to start from scratch and the few who did go left because they couldn't get the grasp of starting from scratch. She said that she regrets ever asking for their help and that she is glad they left because she began to build her empire all alone without help.

She loves her life as a dancer and hopes to dance until she is about 70. She wants to dance with her academy till her old age and she hopes it tours and makes it to the top. She is very dedicated to her work and I wish her the best of luck.

Uptown Dance Academy can be contacted at

1(212) 987-5030



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