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Hot New Sneakers
by: Aminah Roberts

There are a variety of Nike sneakers that are to be released later on this year and some sneakers along with the brand Reebok are becoming popular. Nike has come up with different ideas for their product such as making use of certain fabric and laying it a certain way in a variety of colors. Some of these sneakers are samples, meaning that they are not necessarily going to be made by a particular name brand and others are limited edition and are sold for higher than usual prices. There are some particular sneakers that will only be sold in places such as New York, Los Angeles, and London.

A form of Air Force Ones similar to the white/white ones, are white with a gum sole either black or orange and have a mesh toe box but unfortunately only sold in the United Kingdom. There are three samples that may be released this year. One pair is mid cut with the colors red and black, another has a patent/snake skin design, and the third are red lows with the Rasheed Wallace logo. The Lakers colored Air Force Ones will drop next year and the Air Force Ones Laser Series will be released in January and another edition in March. These limited sneakers are brown with small designs going around the front and back of the shoes. Nike is also making some samples of Air Force Ones that drop this year or will not be

Sneakers are also being released to represent places that people are from. For New York City, you could purchase the Bronx lows or Brooklyn mids. For those living outside of the Big Apple, there are sneakers coming out representing certain other cities. There are the D-towns for those living in Detroit and for Houston thee are the H-towns, which do not have a certain release date. The Puerto edition now comes in dark blue with a red check and more appealing than the originals.

The sneaker with the most unique style is the Air Force Two Espo. Some parts of the shoe are transparent! Another Air Force One with a special design is the Neo Air. These sneakers, which are made of patent leather, leather, and suede, are going to be limited and will come out by the end of the year. A new line of sneakers is being produced, the Chlefglider from K1X which comes in the Rucker, Shamrocks and Sundevils editions. The Pharell Dunks will drop in either the end of December or the beginning of January and will be sold for $120. Nike Air Raids are being released with new colors and Methamphibian will drop the Checkmate Dunks that will come with a chess piece according to position on a chest board and will cost $324.75. The Lebron James Air Force Ones have the Cleveland colors and the Lebron James logo on the heel and will be drop for thanksgiving. There is also the Nike Air Zoom Lebron Twos. Thee straps are removable and have a LJ23 logo on the tongue of the shoe. To make your sneakers even nicer you should have them painted. A good paint to be used for painting your sneakers is Angelus, because it doesn’t crack so is being used by the best customizers of Hip Hop design.

There are many new sneakers to come and many fakes being made to resemble them. So make sure you are being the authentics so that you get your money’s worth. Some of the sneakers will be limited editions so you will have to get them as early as possible. As long as you pay for a pair that you like, you will be satisfied.

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