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Spotlight on Tamara Pogosian
by: Katrina Shakarian
New York City has more than its fare share of aspiring fashion designers; after all, this is the fashion capital of the world. Amidst the towering presence of big-name fashion designers like Versace and Ralph Lauren, Armenian-born Tamara Pogosian, is ambitiously paving her way through the fashion industry. Making an impact in the fashion world requires ingenuity, talent and a real passion for art through clothing and presentation. Tamara, who specializes in women's apparel, embodies all these qualities and then some. Her line, Tamara Pogosian, is ideal for the work place or for an evening affair. Her designs radiate the sexy and sophisticated glamour that characterizes today's woman.   Tamara's clothing creations manifest a breathtaking elegance that exquisitely accentuates and glorifies the feminine mystique.

Tamara, who hails from Yerevan, Armenia, was raised in Moscow and now lives in New York.   Her love for fashion design was evident from her days in Moscow studying fashion and the fine arts. She continued these studies upon arriving in New York. Tamara's extensive travels provided her with a wealth of inspiration to draw from. She had seen the Mid-East, Europe and finally, New York City, the epitome of fashion. At this point Tamara was young, driven, inspired and above all she knew what she wanted, a career in fashion. So given her ambitious nature, she embarked on paving her way through the industry. She was accepted to Parson's School of Design, attended briefly and then transferred to the Fashion Institute of Technology where she concentrated on Women's Apparel. While taking classes at FIT she began what would be five years of involvement in various sectors of the industry working in design, sales and production. She also has a significant amount of experience working as a freelance designer in both women's and men's apparel. Over the course of two years, she has done freelance work with DKNY Jeans, Victoria Secret, American Eagle, Liz Claiborne, New York & Company, Shady Ltd., Sean John and RocaWear. Tamara's diverse background in the industry armed her not only with experience, but with a clear vision of the type of designer she wanted to become as well.

After showcasing a few looks in group fashion shows associated with The Concept Management Group Inc., a group geared toward aiding young designers gain exposure in the public eye, she was ready to embark upon her own exclusive endeavors. In August of 2003, Tamara launched her first solo Fashion Show. It took place in two separate locations. First, at Tavern in the South Hamptons and then at the upscale Lounge Coda, on Madison Avenue right here in New York City. Models took to the runway dressed in her first, full-fledged line, a spring women's apparel collection. The line boasted an air of corporate-casual glam, as models careened down the runway into a crowd eager for her layers of satin, chiffon and pure sex appeal. The collection was comprised of fourty fresh looks that included black and white, bright and earth tone colors. Using only fine and luxury fabrics to articulate the collection's tone, she set out to resurrect the glory of "Old Hollywood," with the group of earth toned, form-fitting outfits. Subsequently Frank Sinatra's music was an inspiration for the black and white portion. The final group, which undoubtedly added some spring flavor to the collection, was an exquisite menagerie of vibrant bright and sheer colors. Tamara's designs evinced hints of both a long departed classic school of fashion and today's more contemporary art of dress.   Her creations were as simple and elegant as they were bold and sassy; capturing both the timeless splendors of being a woman and the modern demands through which women have asserted their sexuality, confidence and independence. Since the show, Tamara has sold quite a few pieces from her Fall '03 and Spring'04 collection to private customers in New York, New Jersey, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

This year, we can only expect bigger and better things from Tamara. Her Fall'04 collection promises to deliver twice the satisfaction with a whole other dose of sexy, sophisticated and elegant. Further down the line, we can expect a Spring '05 collection from Tamara, which she is planning to show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Bryant Park. With this collection she will be going beyond women's wear to include a number of looks for men. She is currently in search of sponsorship from either the private or corporate sectors to support this venture. Currently, her goal is establishing relations with Designer Department Stores and Specialty Boutiques like the many on the streets of New York City and LA's Sunset Boulevard. Her collections are sold at a designer price point and for a customer who values the quality and creativity that is reflected through her every piece. Starting in February, you can view her Spring'04 collection at Showroomaccess.com. Tamara Pogosian is a promising young designer who will only continue to exhilarate and innovate through her creations. For further information on Tamara Pogosian and her upcoming shows please contact her at: TPcollection @yahoo.com

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