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Eminem, a new kind 'uh...

by Joe Williams III



Capitalism is a strange beast.  It creates a sub-garbage culture then attacks its own creation.  Capitalism is about to devour its own son, the rapper, Eminem.  The first attack against Eminem was from a few Black intellectuals, but it has come full circle. Last night, I listened as Vice President elect Dick Cheney's wife, Lynn,slammed into Eminem's lyrics.  It was frightening listening to her tear into the little white guy. But, world, let's be clear.  This is not about a young, whiterapper.  The vice-president's wifeattack on Eminem is the first of a government attack, under G. W. Bush against rap,and Hip Hop music in general. 

It must be clear to any thinking American that Mary Cheney did not attack Eminem without the full support, or endorsement, of the Bush administration. However, we must be wise enough to realize that theattack on Eminem was only a smoke-screen. The real target is the inner city Black youth rappers, the hard core,gangster type. The Snoop dog's, the DMX's, the Dr. Dre's, the Lil Kim's, the Master P's and the Too Short's. The reason they attacked Eminem is to test the water.  Eminem, as a white, youth rapper, in a predominately Black, ghetto developed, genre, appears to be easypickings.  The strategy is, the Blackartist probably won't come to Eminem's defense.  However, the government may not understand the psyche mentality that drives Ghetto artists like Dr. Dre and Master P. The white ruling class had better be aware in artist like Dre and P they are dealing with genius minds.  These rappers are street wise and skilled in the art of survival. Another message of the Bush team, concerning Eminem,is that you are a mis-guided, confused, white youth, and you have no businesssinging that "Black trash."  "We,conservative America, can save you. Just repent."  "Sure, your mother treated you bad, but you don't have to actlike a "nigger." 

However,this attack on Eminem may backfire on the new administration.  The last concert I went to in San Diego, Ca.was featuring Eminem, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and Snoop Dog.  The interesting thing was the audiencewasn't filled with so-called ":ghetto-style gang bangers", but was made up ofmiddle class white students.  So, thereis a chance, a big chance, the Bush Administration's children is not onlycloset fans of Eminem, but worst, disciples of the "gangster rap" movement.  So, Mary's role is to save the youth fromcultural corruption.  How clever, howvain.  Eminem is not the enemy of theyouth.  Capitalist greed and corruptionis the enemy of the people.  The youthare only the victims of the violence. The U.S. Government, the religious institutions, so-called highereducation institutions, the Bushes, the Cheney's, the Clintons, themilitary-industrial complex, the lack of social morality, are all responsiblefor the corruption of our youth.  In areal sense, with all its faults, maybe the hip-hop movement will be theredeeming factor for our youth.  Godknows, it won't be G. W. Bush, and it sure in the hell will never be Lynn Cheney. 

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