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Date Posted:2/18/05

Manifest Entertainment Group

Manifest Entertainment Group is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs from New York City. They began just 11 months ago with a small television show, now they own and produces a popular television show on public access television (B-CAT) and to add to their repertoire they also produce full length DVD's. Crim, is from South Jamaica, Queens and a student in his final year at Borough of Manhattan Community College. C-Styles is originally from Bed Stuy, Brooklyn but he is currently in Atlanta attending American Intercontinental University (AIU).

"I don't let anything stop me, if I'm focused on a goal, I'm going for it no matter what," Crim offered. That explains why after only 11 months Manifest is so successful. C-Styles and Crim were teenage buddies, but as the two grew older they lost contact with each other. Eleven months ago while walking through the street they exchanged numbers talked about what was going on in their lives and it was inevitable that the two got on the grind. "C-Styles told me he had a television show and I thought that was great. We talked for a bit and we decided that we should incorporate it and take it to another level." "We started this company to give an outlet to underground artists and poets to get some shine out there," said C-Styles.
The duo produce the show, serve as cameramen, they write and direct the show as well as come up with the shows concepts. The show comes on in Brooklyn and Queens every Friday at Midnight. You must have cable to see it, channel 35 on Time Warner and channel 67 on Cablevision. The show has featured Damon Dash, Russell Simmons, Terror Squad and the Diplomats among others. 2005 looks to be an even better year. In the months to come the two want Manifest Entertainment Group to have a well known and respected name., a well put together television that’s has BET or MTV looking to pick it up. And they want to be known for putting out DVDs.
They are currently working on putting out their first major DVD release. They are working with the legendary Ron G to put it together and it will be out late January. The DVD is called FULL CLIP: Every Shot Counts.

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