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Parlé Publications Date: 5/16/06

Pro - Con
“Every topic has two sides to the argument, here’s to hearing both sides.”
by Kevin Benoit of
Parlé Publications


Okay it’s obvious that guns are harmful and bad to the community, but nonetheless they will never go away. There’s just something about these insignificant beings we call Homo-sapiens; we are greedy, ignorant and afraid.

During World War II America feared that Hitler would build the first nuclear bomb. So America went over to Germany saved the Jewish scientists who were constructing this weapon of mass destruction and had them build it for America. During the Cold War the Soviet Union and America were both building weapon after weapon. America fears Cuba because they have a nuclear bomb. If not for fear we would’ve already invaded the island. More recently the War on Terror; Bush thought Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, therefore he invaded Iraq and relieved him of his power and most recently, America wants to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons.

These examples show how greedy, ignorant and afraid we are as human beings. They all explain why we will always have weapons. Whether they’re guns or nuclear missiles if one has it then the other must try to gain it or they will be at a disadvantage (fear) and those who do have it will use it as a means to take advantage of the weak (greed). Sooner or later someone somewhere will push that deadly button creating a huge epidemic that will bring this planet we call Earth hanging on the thinnest of threads.

So what do we do as people? How do we prevent the inevitable? How far do we go to stop destiny? That’s something that’ll never be answered. If by some chance it is answered the results will either be too late or will just fail completely. We can’t stop it, we as human beings can only delay it, but inevitably it is going to happen. Maybe, just maybe if we weren’t so greedy, ignorant and afraid then we could do something else. How I wish for that day!
-Kamal Muhammed

The United States of America preaches that we have a constitutional right to bear arms, but I do not believe that the current destructiveness of guns is what the framers anticipated. Guns in our modern day lives are nothing but dangers to the communities they surround.

Many may argue that they have a legal right to guns, but I protest the illegalities of them. The dangers lie in unregistered guns, automatic and assault weapons which are often used against law enforcement, and gun safety in the home.

Unregistered weapons can often be found in the hands of a potential criminal. It allows the person to go about freely with misuse or abuse of the weapon. The crime rate involving firearms are often found to have strong ties to weapons which have not been registered with the local police department. Criminals use this as a safety canvas to shoot and dump a weapon used in a violent act. Automatic and assault weapons are especially dangerous because they are not designated for domestic uses. These sorts of guns more often then not fall into the hands of people who have only evil intentions.

The fear should not only be in the minds of the police who attempt to stop these perpetrators, pedestrians should be afraid as well. There have been too many incidents of rival gangs settling a score with a “drive by” and some unsuspecting kid gets hit in the crossfire. The future of our children is definitely my cause for objecting to gun use. Can it be denied that we live in a weapons age? Kids as early as age 3 can mimic the use of a gun killing another person or child.

Video games are the worst influence because they exist to foster a violent mind and carry the message that killing and hurting only bring you closer to your goal. I have strong objections to this because our current state of war uses this to recruit future soldier’s, kids which find simple joy in what they think is simple killing. Solution stop gun envy reduce war hunger.
-Nickson Toussaint

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