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Who's Next: Yung Joc
by Kevin Benoit of Parlé Publications

Last year was a great year for Bad Boy South and Block Entertainment’s Boyz N Da Hood. ‘Dem Boyz ‘ became a hit record while Young Jeezy [although signed to Def Jam as a solo artist] the rookie of the year, represented Block Entertainment to the fullest.

This year is looking good to be a continuation to that success. With projects from Big Gee, and newly added Yung Joc, Diddy may finally have his rap game close to where it used to be.

For Yung Joc, the College Park/ SWATS bred MC, its all about timing. He’s been rapping since he was 12 years old but it is now at 23 years old that everything has fell into place for his debut effort, New Joc City. He’s so confident in the team, he’s assembled around him and his timing being right he’s claiming himself rap’s Rookie of the Year for 2006. “It’s due process for everything. I been doing this for a long time, I been keeping myself around the right people for a long time, until I could get the right infrastructure together to jump-off.” He’s finally perfect.

Everything is now in place. He’s got the target locked in and Joc’s ready to fire. Joc started to pursue this career in middle school, doing talent shows and rapping at anything from your block party to your fashion show. He was performing as part of a group, official with a manager and all. The group was being shopped to labels and there was industry interest, but the group could never seal the deal.

Joc continued to pursue the career on an off while going to school, the majority of his time spent with different hip-hop groups. He figured being with a group would be less stressful. Instead, it turned out the be a hinderance in his career. Four years ago he decided that as a solo artist he could accomplish much more. He hit the underground scene and started doing shows all over Atlanta. That’s how he met Boyz N’ Da Hood founder Block. Block was impressed with what he saw, so much so that he signed him almost immediately.

Now with Block Entertainment co-signing the project and Bad Boy South making it official, New Joc City will make it’s release this Spring.

Joc is set to paint vivid pictures of what life is like in the ghetto. Armed with a southern delivery, a slick wordplay and a passion for many different styles of music the album is expected to make a monumental impact.

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