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arts-culture/music DatePosted:9/1/05

Awards Show Not Worth The Time
By: Iyana Garry

MTV's Video Music Awards, like most award shows, was a broken promise of fun and excitement. However, unthinkable events did occur. Diddy, the VMA'S host, started the show off by giving away his expensive watch to an audience member. Had that been me, I would've jogged straight to the pawn shop. Anyway, besides Diddy's fake composer act, the Biggie tribute was good. Only, adding Tupac wouldn't have hurted. Besides his "singing" and revealing of Trapped in the Closet 's new chapter, R. Kelly's performance was bad. Lip-synching is not cool at all; we get enough of that from Ashanti, Ciara and many other R&B artists who think dancing is more important than actually singing for their fans.

One thing I detested was Fat Joe and 50 Cent's grade school-type backlashes. The last thing we need is a recollection of last year's Source Awards. They, well at least 50 and Tony Yayo, shouted out names and expletives at Fat Joe that were so extreme, MTV censors had to cut out 50 and Yayo's obscenities, leading to a rush to commercial break. However, you'd think MTV learned from Janet's wardrobe malfunction to keep live broadcasts to a minimum.

Ciara, thanks to Missy Elliott, won her first awards for Best Dance Video and Best Hip-Hop Video. Ciara's choice of clothes are just as bad as her singing on stage. Not only, did she wear a mini mini mini dress, but she poorly complemented it with a pair of knee-high boots. There's been hearsay that her boy toy, Bow Wow, told her to wear flats instead. If you need fashion tips from your boyfriend, you need serious help.

Lil Jon and Paulina Rubio, whoever she is, presented an award together. The broad had the nerve to wear a very see-through catsuit, if you can even call it a suit or any type of attire. Prostitutes wear more than she did! Then, when Lil Jon wrapped his arm around shoulder and landed near her chest area, she quickly moved his hand. If you're wearing no more than a piece of thread, you're basically asking for a grope here and a pinch there. However, I do sympathize; if a man who looked like he just came off the set of a National Geographic photo shoot, I'd keep his hands away from me as well.

Presenting the last award was for Best Video Award, Jamie Foxx, introduced Beyonce Knowles to the stage, along with her second and third bananas, Kelly and Michelle. It's funny how Beyonce stands out from the other two, whether it's the blond hair, the fair complexion, or the fabulous attire she wears that always seems to overshadow Kelly and Michelle's attire whenever they attend an award show.

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