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The Hip-Hop Industry's Affect on Women
by: Antonia D. Singleton

The fast cars, hot clothes, big jewels, all the money in the world, and who can forget about all the lovely women. Who would not want to be a part of his infamously high-speed environment? With the youth starving for guidance as a way to help them find their inner selves at this delicate stage of development, they are the driving force behind the Hip Hop Industry. The pros? of this two-sided era are a constant reminder of just how good life can get. Do you ever consider the cons and how it truly influences the society? The women, especially African-American women, are the eye candy in all of the latest videos and have been recently blamed for helping to enforce the tainted vision of the Hip Hop Industry. These girls have had their own struggles in life and doing a video could be there only access to fast money, after all that is what this industry is good for. Not everyone has the time or the money to survive in this extremely demanding world, and the women in the videos fall into this category of people. Loose lives, multiple sexual partners, clothes, money, and cars, are all of the things these women have obtained. Unleashing these ideas of a loose life and fast cash, these women are being idolized by the younger women of our society. Battering them with harsh words and actions, people are too blinded by the fame and fortune to take time out and realize exactly why these women do these things. Many conclusions can be made to exactly when and why these women develop the desire for this type of life. Possible ideas range from women are willing to exploit themselves for money or it could just be that men want women only for sexual favors and women just want money from men or however else they can get it. All of these ideas can be applied to more than half of the women we see in the videos. These ideas develop because of the natural human greed for money and materialistic things. So when asked what effect the Hip Hop Industry has on women, think about all the little ten year old girls trying to dress up like these prototype women in the videos or the teen girls lined up for blocks trying to participate in the next 50 cent video or the young girls singingthe most derogative songs directed to women. The Hip Hop Industry is one of
the most influential aspects toward the depiction of women in today’s society.


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