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A Day With the Fans of Aaliyah
story by: Erika Cruz
photos by:
Justin Young














The newly released "Romeo Must Die "soundtrack made its debut at the HMV Music Store on 42nd Street, this past Wednesday. Hundreds of music fans stood anxiously waiting for Jive recording artist Aaliyah to appear and sign autographs. Aaliyah, the R&B recording artist returned with a hardcore twist on the new movie soundtrack "Rome Must Die". Aaliyah who came on the scene with her first album called "Back and Forth" in 1994. In 1997 she returned with her sophomore album and biggest hit to date "One In Million". In 1998 she returned once again this time with both the hottest video and song of 1998 "Are You That Somebody" off the soundtrack of Eddie MurphyÕs "Doctor Dolittle. Aaliyah had become a teenage legend in her own right.

So it was no surprise when crowds of people were standing outside of HMV waited anxiously for the arrival of the young superstar. However Aaliyah still did not show for several hours and the staff of HMV tried desperately to hype the restless crowd up. The impatience increased from the sun began to set. When Aaliyah finally arrived, the crowdÕs frowns turned into smiles, tears and cheers. Slowly but surely everyone had their chance to get their various items signed by their favorite pop star. The streets soon became flooded with the sounds of excitement as each fan shouted their story of meeting the amazing singer and actress.

 allen and johanthanHarlemLive was on hand to hear from some of the fans: Allen and Jonhathan Late 20Õs England How long have you been fans of Aaliyah? A&J: Since the last album One in Million. If you could say one thing when you see her what would you say? A&J: Will You Marry Me? If you could use one word to describe her what would it be? A&J: Wicked

Nookie Late 20Õs New York How long have you been a fan of AaliyahÕs? N: Forever Have you seen Romeo must Die? N: I've seen it three times and it was hot! How would describe Aaliyah personality? N: SheÕs her own person and different. One word to describe her? N: Undesirable All and all the general consensus of the crowd was that she was pleasant, down to earth, and very pretty.

For many people in the crowd it was the perfect ending to a very long cold day and certainly worth the wait on line.




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