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For Big Pun R.I.P.

by Alex Ramos


One day I was hanging out in front of the library waiting for my cousin when Big Pun and Prospect show up in a Benz. The funny thing about it is that Prospect came there to fight kid who was talking crap about Terror Squad. When he went in everyone followed and when he found the kid he told him "yo son you think we ainšt s**t come out side and let me show you". The kid was real scared and then he was asking Prospect not to hit him. So being the nice guy that he is, he let him go.

That day will be forever in my mind and after all that happened him and Pun started giving autographs. I went up to Pun and told him how much his music had meant to me. He told me thanks and we were talking for a while. He was a cool guy not like other rappers who think there to good for anyone.

I was at the funeral and they wouldn't let me in the first day but the day after I went in and saw my idol dead. I left a specially made BIG PUNISHER bandanna and the autograph he gave me.



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