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Date Posted 8/16/04

Chocolate Thai & Jubilee
by Tyrell Carlton

Chocolate Thai & Jubilee

The newest underground R & B group, Chocolate Thai & Jubilee, has made their

appearance at several venues. After hearing them perform at one of these said venues, I

decided to buy a cd and review their music. I was not disappointed. There songs seem to

represent peace and love that these people have for others and we can need a little love

sometimes. Some songs like   "Rain" are pure magic. The mix of guitars, drums and other

instruments make for a great mix good feeling music. "Freedom" may sound like a

remake of the original classic, but it is not. It is a song that encompasses the freedom that

every one wants in life. There songs truly set them apart from other R&B groups.

it was quite and exciting time at the performance they had that day. It was entertaining

and had a sound that I haven't heard in a long time. All types of people should buy their

music. Why, you ask? Well, they are great musically and lyrically and offer something

different than the generic R&B group. Even if they are a underground group,(which is

even more incentive to buy)   you will feel good know that you are supporting a group

that makes music for music sake, not for money or privileges. 8/10

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