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The Diplomats:The Empire
by Kevin Benoit



J.R. Writer a.k.a. The Dominican Prince.: Bringing what the games been needing. Repping Harlem: 130th & 7th.

Hell Rell: Bringing a whole lot of hell.

Juelz Santana:Crack in its human form.

Jha Jha: The Diplomat's first lady. Bringing a little more sexiness and that down south edge. Repping Dane County, Florida.

40 CAL: Bringing good music and punchlines that are outta this world. Freestyle specialist.

The Diplomats are releasing Diplomatic Immunity 2 on November 23rd. This time the album is a single album instead of the 2-disc set they had for their first album. This album is being officially proclaimed as the album where Dipset brings that real shit back to the game. "Top to bottom the whole album is hot'', explains J.R. Writer. That first album everybody was in their prime, Cam'ron just came off come home with me, Juelz Santana was just bubbling gaining success off Hey Ma. Jim Jones was just starting to buzz into the industry himself and Hell Rell was very emotional because he was just about to do a bid upstate. ''That album really solidified straight gangsta music'', Hell Rell explained. ''This time around we got a combination of new talent mixed with old talent and it's CRACK MUSIC."
Diplomatic Immunity is comprised of everything...street music, anthems, records about the struggle, club records and anything else you can think of. You won't hear too much from Hell Rell on this album because of his incarceration, he recently came home so he just made the deadline. Everyone on Dipset has there own solo joint on the album, and Cam'ron is all over it.

A little more on The Diplomats 40 CAL is the behind the scenes dude because he's the latest member of the set. He is currently the Champion, of Fight Klub, a freestyle battle competition that’s been touring around the country. ''I'm getting my buzz on to the point where people want to hear me."

J.R. Writer is holding it down for the Dominicans. When you hear the records you might not know that. J.R. is currently working on his album.

Jha Jha is the first lady of the Set. She is half lady/half thug and SHE IS A PROBLEM. "Being around a bunch of dudes I have to work to get my respect, being a female in the industry is like 1000 times harder for people to respect you. You have to show that you about your business, you have to write hit after hit so people will really look at you and start looking out for you. I'm the realest chick in the game, all the other chicks I think they lame." But don't take that as her open sot as other females. "I don't start beef, beef come to me. But what I don't understand is how a 135-pound chick I’m going to beat up a dude. Talking about you going to put a guy in the trunk of your car, c'mon you let your guy do that."

Hell Rell was missing on the first album, he was missing on the first album, he's missing on this album but he is going to make up for it on the mixtape and on his album. "I done wrote about 50 albums since I been locked up."

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