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Date Posted:
July 6,2004

Kiss Of Death
by:Christina Lee

While the Lox were still together Jason Phillips, better known as Jadakiss, always found a way to shine as a lyricist. This seems like the main reason everyone had such high hopes for his debut album. But when Kiss Tha Game Goodbye dropped so did Jada's status in the hip hop community.

I believe that just about everyone who knows Jadakiss knows him as a killer lyricist. He could have been in the ranks with Hova, Nas, Big and Pac if it weren’t for such disappointing sales on his last album. Kiss Tha Game Goodbye turned out to be a complete flop. Jadakiss had already proven he could rein champ on a 16 bar verse but in the end proved to be a huge disappointment when it came to putting together an album. But Jada never lost hope because on June 22, 2004 he dropped his second solo album Kiss of Death. The album features several different producers including The Neptunes, Dr. Dre, Havoc, Kanye West and Eminem. Also appearing on the album are Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Anthony Hamilton, Nate Dogg, Styles P., Red Spyda, DJ Quik and Pharell.

Differing from the debut album Jada seemed to open up and be more mature and become more personal with his audience. Jada is trying to get his grown man on and he is definitely doing a good job at it. The Kiss of Death included everything from the gangster rap songs, like "Times Up" featuring Nate Dogg, to the songs that are just for the ladies such as the one featuring Mariah Carey entitled " U Make Me Wanna".

One song that really stands out is "Why" which features Anthony Hamilton on the hook. Jadakiss asks a bunch on questions that I hear people asking all the time such as “Why they stop letting n---- get degrees in jail” and “Why they give you life for a murder but turn around an d only give you eight months for a burner”. " Why" is track number six and this is one song you really should check out. It is one that makes you sit back and think about what really is going on in our community today.

I didn’t think Jada was capable of it anymore but he proved me wrong. On the album he mentions that it took him a long time to realize that his career was in his own hands. I think once he realized that, he saw he could make himself a success story and he threw himself into his work and came out with a great album like this. His laid-back style and distinctive voice just contribute to taking him over the top.

Listening to most of the songs I couldn’t help but hit repeat but a few weren’t worth listening to the first time around. Included in this category are "Shine" and "Bring You Down". Both of them had horrible hooks, which ultimately destroyed the entire songs. Jadakiss hasn’t made it to the top yet but if he can manage to continue putting out albums of this magnitude and maybe even step it up a notch or two I have no doubt that he can climb to the top and maybe even take over the industry.


I give the album three stars.

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