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What the Sky Begot

Story and Photos by Katerina Vorotova



Sky Salt:

Xenia (middle) - vocals/guiar
Mark (left) - guiar
Omar (right) - bass


Sky Salt, a newborn modern rock band, based in New York City, came together from opposite corners of the world. Singer/guitarist Xenia from Russia, guitarist Mark from California, and bassist Omar from Columbia, united to produce some great music.

Sky Salt combines heavy guitar riffs juxtaposed with catchy, soft, yet sometimes edgy, female vocals, which is what makes this band so unique. It is rare to find the combination of quality music and lyrics nowadays. Tired of cheesy boy-bands and hard-core bands with beast-like screams, we have been waiting long enough for a band like Sky Salt to drop from the skies.

Sky Salt renovated old noise into fresh sound. It is hard to compare their music to any other bands out there today, because Sky Salt is very different. This band was born from an amalgam of influences, such as the long missed Nirvana, godfather of heavy metal Ozzy Osbourne and modern rock bands like Alice In Chains and Creed.

It started with the 20-year-old Xenia, who was torn between fashion design and music careers, and finally picked music. Xenia was originally trained as a classical pianist, until she picked up a guitar and began to sing. In a matter of months, she wrote over 30 songs.

The Californian guitarist Mark was raised on shred-clichés until taking an interest in songwriting and statement rather than flamboyance.

An old friend of Xenia’s, bassist Omar added his share of talent and set the ball rolling.

Together they produced a demo CD in June 2001. Out of the three songs they have recorded, there is an ideal one for everyone. From the catchy, mainstream “Take Your Time”, softer, calming “Ago”, to heavy and edgy “Stand Aside”, the recording has a perfect flow.

Right now, Sky Salt are in between drummers and looking to find a dedicated musician so they can start hitting the clubs. Please visit their website for more
information: Sky Salt. These guys are serious about their music but occasionally they come up with most sarcastic remarks.


13 Questions with Sky Salt

So what’s up with the name?
Mark: It just rolled off the tongue.

Where do you fit in with the current musical scene?
Xenia: We play mainstream modern rock with some grunge, punk, and alternative background.
Mark: We’re contemporary with a weakness for classics.
Omar: I don’t know, I just play.

Who are you often compared to?
O: Mike Piaza. (laughing)
X: The Cranberries, because in the market with only 2 types of female rock singers (Courtney Love and Delores O'Riordan of The Cranberries, that is), I fall into the category that can actually sing. But as far as the music and the band goes, we tend to be more intense than The Berries.
M: We get compared to whoever the individual likes. Doors fans tell us we sound like The Doors, Marilyn Manson fans think we sound like Manson. (laughing)

How is Sky Salt different from Britney Spears?
X: (laughing) Very, in all ways.

What do you write about?
X: I am into the darker imagery. I don’t write about events, I try to convey the condition I’m in at the moment of writing.
M: We’re not a sunshine band. But we have a sense of humor… off stage. (laughing)
O: I don’t write about one thing. I write about my feelings.

You’re a multi-cultural band. How does it influence you as a group?
M: It comes in in a variety of ways, we all bring something from home. Xenia’s Russian accent adds a new texture to our songs, and it’s part of what defines our
X: As a front woman, I do have certain determination usually associated with Russians. But I’m not sure if it’s cultural or not.
O: It influences the relationship in the band. We often find common things in different cultures.

What made you decide to play music?
M: Because it sounds good. (laughing)
X: I didn’t choose to. I was born with music running in my veins.
O: I need a drug in life. Music is my drug.

So are you guys all about Sex-Drugs-and-Rock-N-Roll?
O: Pretty much. I love all of those things! (laughing)
X: I personally don’t do drugs. I just concentrate on Rock-n-Roll…and other things.
M: We take the craft very seriously and feel that drugs get in the way of that.

How do you solve disputes?
X: I blow up....
O: I laugh!
M: We have a written agreement that solves a lot of problems that other bands have. With simple creative differences we always end up reaching a compromise.

What’s your experience being a woman in show business?
X: There are a lot of misconceptions about female rockers. People expect you to be a slut. There is also still a belief that women can’t rock. That’s nonsense.

What do you think of boy-bands and pop divas?
M: Not much, I’m afraid.
X: I respect them. Although I do find their *N’SYNChronized moves and matching outfits ridiculous.
O: They suck.

Do you have groupies?
X: Oh yeah, loads! And the list is growing. (laughing)

What are your future plans?
X: They’re futuristic. I intend to visit Mars in the nearest future.
O: Money! Yeah. Ufff.
M: Obviously, like most performing bands we are looking to have the support of the major label to help distribute our music to a wider audience. And that’s been
the goal from day one.

Anything else you guys want to add?

X: Sure. Visit our website and download the audio samples of our songs. It’s free music, so go there. And send us feedback!

=Sky Salt=

(click on the picture to go to Sky Salt's official website)


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