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Wyclef Comes to The Harlem World

"The Fugees stands for 'Refugees' meaning not from this town, everybody is foreign... In actualality, we are all refugees, searching and seeking to see where we can make it."-

Wyclef Jean

The music group refugees started ten years ago but they have known each other since elementary school. Fugees is short for Refugees . Prakazel "Pras" Michel, and Lauryn "L Boogie" Hill, other members of the Refugee Camp went to High School together.
What's the real purpose of The Refugees?

"We like to teach the young and the youth a good history of themselves musically as well as the streets. When you see me it's just another side of the ghetto. So I don't have to be clocking or selling that junk on the streets to get where I'm going". Wyclef "Clef" Jean explained to Harlemlive.

Angel in Wyclef's Trailer



Wyclef's Life

What did Wyclef want to be while growing up?

What was his life like?


"I wanted to be a Rock 'n Roll star. I would take old broom sticks and pretend to play them. My friends would laugh because, 'a rock 'n roll star, in the ghetto? Come on!' It was a start though."

Wyclef's father is a minster. His father believes Church can heal the soul. The dream of his father was for Clef to be a minster but later on found out Clef had a talent for singing.

Wyclef likes to play the guitar and loves his fans. He says without fans there's no Fugees and that's true. Pras and Clef are cousins. They have a special bond together. Wyclef wants to send out a message to everyone around the world. "Yo! Whatever ya wanna be in life, go for it. Work hard at it and keep hope alive. Stay strong. Peace."

Our Feelings About Wyclef

The way Wyclef spoke, the sound of his voice, his hand jestures, punctuating his speach by slapping the palm of his hand, he came across as a very strong man. He has something that most people dont have. He has reached a higher level of knowledge and the will to teach people. Meeting personalities like Wyclef is something that people often don't have the chance to do. Wyclef comes across as the other side of the negative image portrayed by the media of most Hip Hop artists. We sat down and had a nice calm chat with him and found this out for ourselves. It proved to us that people are people no matter how much money they make or any fame they have accomplished. We truly hope to get another chance to kick it with Wyclef.

 We also had a brief interview with Pras



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