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Art & Culture/ Theater
Date Posted:12/3/03

The Audelco's Keeping Tradition Alive
By Mera Beckford and Dominique Roberts
Photos by: Shem Rajoon

The 31st annual AUDELCO awards were as lavish and full of talented Black artists as always. Co-Hosted by Count Stovall and Joyce Sylvester, the event was certainly a sight to see. The list of awards presented goes on and on. There were awards from lighting design all the way to dramatic production of the year. Several pioneer awards were given out to the most deserving people you can dream up. Among them were Garland Lee Thompson, Femi Sarah Heggie, Jamal Joseph, and George Faison.

We were lucky to get an interview with Ms. Lillie Redwood’s very own daughter, who was there to support her mother, who was also there to receive a hard earned pioneer award. We also interviewed a very dapper Mr. Thompson, Ms. Eliot, Ms. Heggie, Mr. Joseph, the host’s wife and some delighted guests.

There were astonishing performances by Chester Gregory II, and Will Power. Chester Gregory’s performance brought the crowd alive with shouts demonstrations of high approval with his song and dance combination.
Everyone was happy to be there and proud to be attending an award show honoring them and their peers. In the words of one patron “I’m very excited to be here, where there is a lot of black talent under one roof.”

John Kani received a 2003 distinguished theatre award for his outstanding contribution to excellence in international theatre at the beginning of the ceremonies. Crowns walked away with the biggest crown of them all, seven awards in all. Rising star, 12-year-old Anny Jules was honored for her many accomplishments in theatre.

The AUDELCO awards were a success, and all in all, an exciting affair full of interesting people receiving hard earned awards.


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