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Date posted:03-23-02

Security Guards At Beacon

by Jealene Castellanos


Everyday going to school you have to encounter the same people. For example, the security guards at your school. Yes I know they are there to protect you and make sure no harm can be done but are they really there for protection or just as a fear factor to others?

Most people will disagree but I think that to better protect us they should really be paying attention.

When I arrive at school and I am supposed to show my id I would actually be contradicting what I am trying to prove but as you head into the building after lunch you will see what I am talking about. In the mornings if you do not have your id you are sent back out and have to wait there as punishment and also to see if you are a beacon student you will wait the 10 minutes. Which I think is something I cant argue with because it teach those that are irresponsible to remember there ids.

But as we enter the school once again after lunch they dont even look at you. I could be some random student from another school and enter with a couple of kids and do as I please. Also, when I enter the school after lunch and I hold up my id for it can be seen, they dont care if its actually the schools id, it could be just a regular id card you can getat the D.M.V. The security guards cant tell if its real or not because we canjust wave around a metro card and they wouldnt know any better. (As I have done in the past to not become late for class and wait outside if they suddenly have the urge to ask for ids which is very rare)

One student that I interview had a very interesting opinion on this subject. She concluded. Spend a day in their shoes and you will find out how hard it is to take care of 9,000 or so of other peoples children. Many of which have their own problems and they often reflecton other students. Causing virtual disaster. In a way we should be thankful for them

As you can see I have nothing against the security guards because they protect us to a certain degree. You also have to keep in mind that there are about 1,000 students in our school and they cant secure all of those students so I cant expect too much from them.


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