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Date posted:01-18-02

An Alternative Way To Learn

by Nicole Manigalut


The Beacon School, founded in 1993, is a learning institution for students grades 9 through 12. Named after the nearby Beacon Theater, The Beacon School has given students general education intertwined with studies in the arts, and in technology.

In 1993, District three asked Ruth Lacey, a former teacher at the Computer School, to create a school, and to find a building to house it. Ms Lacey, who had intentions of creating a well-rounded school, immediately began her search for a facility in the District three area, along with her colleague, Steve Stoll, who taught at the Computer School as well. Their search came to end when they found a vacant warehouse located on 61st street between West End and Amsterdam Avenues.

Looking at the school now, you would not know that it was originally a warehouse. Students there have been given the opportunity to express themselves through art, and you can see this throughout the interior of the school. The hallways are covered with computer-generated photos produced by the students there, while the lobby walls along with the school’s lunchroom, consist of murals created by past students of Beacon. But, while the school’s physical appearance plays a role in the lives of the students who attend there, it is only one of the many aspects that make Beacon a good school.

Contact information for The Beacon School:
227 West 61street New York, NY 10023
Telephone (212) 245-2807 Fax (212) 245-2179
E-mail sstoll@beaconschool.org Web Site www.beaconschool.org


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