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Date posted:01-18-02

Don't Believe The Hype

by Sheresa Jenkins


I’m not saying it’s easy but being a freshman at The College of New Rochelle was actually more exciting than stressful. It was a lot easier than I thought. My grades were a lot better than I’d ever hope. I got 3 B’s and an A. In high school they scare you with stories so you’ll take the whole college process that much more serious. But in all honesty the stories do indeed work. They force you to pre-create a barrier to help build forces so that your can make your first year more of a success than a defeat. The “defeat” I’m talking about is the pressure that consumes a freshman and forces them to convince themselves of not return for their sophomore year.

Me? I’m a different story. I’m a broadcast major and found my first freshman semester to be quite the experience. I took 12 credits this semester with classes that include film, media studies, theatre, and calculus. My most interesting, was my film class. Although it was relatively easy, all we did the whole semester was watch classic and modern movies and critique them. My media Studies class was a learning experience because it was an in depth look at what stories we choose to present to the people and why. My Theatre class was my favorite class and the 2nd hardest next to Calculus. My final for theatre was to create an original monologue piece on the topic of AIDS. It was challenging as well as very fun. The hardest class of the semester was calculus. I was lost most the year but I managed to find excellent tutoring and I studied hard.

Being that I’m in the middle of a school change, I don’t quite know my class schedule so I don’t know exactly what I’m in store for. I do know that I’d like to take a 12 or 15 credit semester as well as do some summer schooling, This way I’ll be able to knock some classes out the way so that I can study abroad in my junior year.

My first semester was cool but I’m hoping my second semester will be better. I think it’ll be a lot harder, and I am well prepared for that. I’m just really looking forward to the new environment, new people and an all-new experience. Who knows? Next time I write a school report, I might be telling you that college is kicking my butt!

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