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Date Posted:09-06-02

A Positive Move on 125

Story and Photos by Alex Rabin


Today Friday, the sixth of September, the high fashion store H&M is having a brand new opening on 125th street. The store is overwhelmed with different kinds of things going on. The store is impossible to miss with its large vibrant red sign saying H & M in the front of the store. There are people shopping frantically all over the store, running to the nearest registers after they found what they are interested in purchasing. Its like they are on a rush for gold. In the front of the store there is a booth that is giving H& M t-shirts for 5 dollars to give the proceeds to help a music program in a school nearby. As you walk in the store you are confronted by a DJ booth of the radio station 105.1 that is playing music for the brand new opening of H&M. Since H&M was so booming and crowded with people, HL decided to go inside and find out what it was all about and what people thought would come about from this new store opening up on 125th street.

Hi what is your name, occupation and residence?
My name is Joakim Gip. I work in marketing and am a resident of New York City

What is this occasion that is going on today?

This is the brand new opening of the 40th H&M store in the U.S. It opens today at 12 o clock. H&M is a European company and are selling high fashion clothes that are good quality at the best prices. The clothing is for men, women and children.

Why is this store being opened on 125th street?
The store is being opened on 125th street because we are expanding around New York, and we though this was a great place for our store, and a great opportunity for thriving business. Also this is a community with great music, fashion and history so we thought it would be a good place for our store.

Who helped this occasion come about?
We worked with the radio station 105.1 and they were very helpful. Also we worked with Vh1 and people can donate 5 dollars and get a H&M t-shirt. The proceeds of this will support the save the music foundation. This will support a music program in a school nearby this H&M location.

Shaven Manning a local resident of Harlem said that this will be a great significance on 125 street because it will show that a high fashion store can thrive in a black community. Also, Ms Barr, another resident of Harlem, thought that H&M opening in Harlem on 125th street was a good and positive move.

(Picture on left of Ms.Barr and picture on right of Shavon Manning)

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