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Date Posted: 12/20/04

Project Enterprise
by: Kevin Benoit


What is Project Enterprise? Many small business owners have heard about it, how come we've never heard of it. According to Arva Rice, who was in charge of the Project Enterprise event on Saturday, December 11th, Project Enterprise is a non-profit organization that helps small businesses get a head start at business. Project Enterprise was an idea that came about in Bangladesh, because many businesses are unsuccessful there. Every business that has attended a Project Enterprise event is associated with the Project Enterprise Company. Their main goal is to be able to provide small businesses that aren't able to sell with the means and the tools required to be a success.

The businesses of Project Enterprise cover all types of different fields. One company sold a health supplement that provides the necessary vitamins and other chemicals needed to remain healthy in day to day living. That business is owned by Doug Watknis, and the product is called Sea Silver. He started this because he wanted to promote a nutritional drink made of fruit juices. He heard about the event in a Bronx newspaper and he took the opportunity to inform everyone he could about his supplement.

Another company was called Artistic II. They provide DJ services throughout the Tri-State Area. They participated in the event because they wanted the opportunity to grow and expand their business. They wanted to build a DJ Network in the Tri-State Area. Artistic II also sells reggae, dance hall, hip-hop, salsa, merengue, bachata, and reggaeton mixtapes.
Wheckstone's Knick and Knacks sells clothing. Doesn't sound like it but believe me they do. They participated in the Project Enterprise event because they are looking for a place that has business opportunities. They heard about Project Enterprise through word of mouth and they visited the open house.

Project Enterprise doesn't care what kind of product someone's trying to sell; all they want is to help businesses in their growing process. They provide loans, business space, business opportunities, and a chance to sell at one of their events. Project Enterprise has helped many businesses get a head start and move on.

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