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Incredible prices, be sure to stop by "The Collectors Box"

by Tanya L. Vazquez
Photos by Clifton Taylor


Recently, HarlemLive visited a family owned store called "The Collectors Box" which is located on 1956 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. in Harlem. We met an articulate man named Al who informed us that he co-owned the store with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hales who actually opened up the business about two years ago.
The couple always collected antiques and other house hold items. They would visit garage sales and gather items from all over

For people like the Hales who collected and enjoyed antiques, you could never find a garage sale whenever you pleased, which is why the Hales came up with an idea to start their own business. Starting off with just a couple of items they gathered up from their home in the neighborhood, they started an antique store in a small location around other small businesses. Business started picking up after word got around about the store and they now have over 150 interesting antiques in their store. They have from toasters and cups to sofas and carpets.

Today this is one of the only black owned antique stores in Harlem. In the future they would like to get a bigger store so they can have an even larger inventory. The size of the store or the inventory will never change the Hales' choice to keep the store a family owned business.
You can find almost anything in this store, so if you're a person who appreciates antiques or is someone who is just looking for some incredible things without incredible prices, be sure to stop by "The Collectors Box."


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