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Date Posted:1/06/05

Freshman Year in College: Independence, Decisions and Education
by: Aisha Al-Muslim

Entering college can be hard for some freshmen, the most important thing to understand is that they are in college now and they must leave high school behind. Unlike high school, incoming freshmen have to learn to be more independent. They have to learn to do work on their own because their professors will not constantly be on their back.
"College is more challenging [than high school] because there is no one to baby you, make you do things, or tell you what courses to take," said Jennifer Fequiere, a freshman at Baruch College. "You have no one to remind you when things are to be done, so it's important to stay on top of everything," she continued.
Along with the new found independence, freshmen also have to adapt to new surroundings, meet new people and start thinking about what they really want to do for the rest of their lives. Choosing classes and a major is a huge step towards independence.
"It helped that my high school was like college because we chose our own classes, classes did not meet all the time, teachers did not write on the board, and they gave a syllabus," said Jamila Simmons, a freshman at Hampton University.

Some students cannot deal with the pressure of being away from home. After their first semester they decide to change schools because they don't like the people, the campus or couldn't handle being independent.
"Only a few (freshmen) have dropped due to homesickness," said Natacha Jean-Louis, a freshman at SUNY Albany. "They need to get a life, independency is inevitable."
Other freshmen even decide to drop out of school all together in the middle of the semester because they cannot handle the workload or because they feel that college is not for them.
College can be really stressful to new freshmen if they are not familiar with an independent environment and a lot more work than they may be used to. For others, college is not that difficult.
"Now that I am a freshman I do not see what is so hard," said Simmons. "I do the same things that I did in high school except procrastinate, but I still study the way I did in high school."
There are some students who decide to argue with the professor for no valid reasons. Bianca Smith feesl that these people need to learn how to be more mature.
"Some professors can be rude and anyone has a right to argue for what they believe is true," said Smith, a freshman at Golf Coast University. "However being rude for nothing is uncalled for and is very disrespectful."
Many students think about dropping out of college, but they decide to stay because they believe that they need a college education to get a well-paying job and they think about the goals they have set for themselves.
"Schoolwork is always stressful for anyone who is serious about what they want to do just because it is your future," said Petra Griffith, a freshman at Brooklyn College. "I do sometimes feel like giving up, but then I just think about why I am doing it and I fall right back into step."

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