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Pushing for Black Journalism
by:Aisha Al-Muslim

The New York Association of Black Journalist’s (NYABJ) efforts have been to honor outstanding black journalist and to encourage students in journalism careers.
According to NYABJ, they try sensitizing the media to the unconscious racism in its coverage of the black community, and expanding coverage and reporting of black issues.
NYABJ tries to attract students to careers in journalism by introducing them to the field through workshops. These workshops will be running from September 23rd thru November 15th. The eight-week workshop includes a comprehensive introduction to print and mass media at Long Island University (LIU) Brooklyn campus.
Not only does NYABJ publish newsletters, but they also hold meetings concerning African Americans in media. Diversity in the newsroom is an issue for NYABJ, therefore they want to expand job opportunities and assist in recruitment of black journalist. “Diversity is extremely important in the newsroom,” said Mr. Fraser.
From 1976 to the present, NYABJ has been sparking the interest of students of color by awarding scholarships as well as attempting to gain exposure with African Americans in the media.

NYABJ Gerard Fraser, who has worked at the New York Times for twenty-four years, described the newsroom as a place where interns and new reporters are protected by the editors and become their “star.”
“Young people are viewed as having star potential and colleagues are jealous of who you are,” said Mr. Fraser.
“ I really believe that NYABJ has a good mission and I really want to be a part of that mission,” said Zita Allen, chairman of public relations committee for NYABJ.

Check Out the Official NYABL web site at NYABL.org


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