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Rapper Accused
By Tameeka Mitchem


Recently, Rapper Jay-Z was arrested and charged with stabbing record executive Lance "Un" Rivera at the Kit Kat nightclub in Lower Manhattan. Rivera was allegedly accused of selling pirated tracks from Jay-Z's new album "The Life and Time of S. Carter"-Vol 3. An eyewitness who saw the stabbing take place reported that Jay-Z approached Rivera and asked him a question. The conversation got loud, and an altercation broke out. Then allegedly Jay-Z leaned in closer to Rivera and pushed something into his stomach. Rivera was rushed to a local hospital, treated for a stab wound and released. Jay-Z has been charged with attacking three people, Rivera and two spectators that were near the incident. Jay-Z was released on 50,000-dollar bail after he was arraigned on three counts of assault.


We asked HarlemLivers what they thought about Jay-Z's recent arrest:

Kerly: Despite the fame Jay-Z is a very influential person in our society and I think what he did was wrong. Rappers need to realize that people, specifically kids follow in their footsteps. Beyond that as an adult he should have handled the situation different. I lost a lot of respect for him.

Blanco: Even though this situation does not state he is the culprit, It still ruins his image. I listen to Jay-Z's music and he has a lot of things to say that are both positive and negative. I believe that he was not responsible, but I can not judge him until I hear the whole story.

Lamont: Rappers are always in the media, mostly when they've done something wrong. As to whether or not Jay-Z did the stabbing, I don't care. If his people did it, then he should not be with them. Maybe Jay-Z should start hanging out with positive people.

Rich: It was unfortunate to hear about a stabbing during what was suppose to be a celebration of "Amplified" Q-tip's new album. It's hard to form an opinion without so few details. I hope everything will be ok. Folks need to have more love.

Khalid: I think Jay-Z has a lot of problems. He keeps getting in trouble and this is not the first time something like this has happened to a hip-hop artist. Jay-Z just needs to get his life together and stay out of trouble.


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