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Comunity/School Report
Date updated:3/18/02

The UPRSING After The Collapse

Story and photos by Nkrumah Tinsley


The World Trade Center used to be across the street from my school. On September 11, 2001 "terrorists" flew two passenger airliners into the top floors of World Trade Centers One and Two. I was at home when this unfolded; like the rest of the nation I looked on in disbelief. I was very concerned by the thought that both Borough of manhattan comunity college (BMCC) ,the college that I attend and Stuyvesant High school were both in session. This placed quite a few thousand students right in the path of the obvious danger to come. Probably the most annoying thing about the situation was that students were being put in harm's way based on politics they played no willing role in.

As a result of the attacks on New York the university I attend was closed for about three weeks. When we returned on October 3, most of us were still a little out of touch with the reality of what had happened. Many of the students, including myself, took a few moments to look at the damage sustained. Upon returning to school just about everyone was surprised to find out that Fetterman Hall, the second building of our campus, was heavily damaged when Seven World Trade Center fell on top of it during the initial blast.

During the course of the time I have been in school many people have either stayed away from the situation or for the most part watched what they have said in public , for either fear of negative backlash or to keep from offending anyone who may have been directly affected whether it be emotional or physically.

I interviewed a girl from my math class named Dalia. She was dressed in tight fitting black spandex pants with a matching low cut tee shirt and a black jacket. On her feet she wore thick heeled leather boots. At first glance she looks Hispanic. Imagine my surprise when she informed me that she was actually Lebanese. Lebanon is an Arab nation to the north of Israel. Many people who do not know her nationality, may make generalized comments about Arabs without realizing the affect it might have on her. She said that her first reaction was of shock and disappointment that so many innocent lives had to be lost. She then went on to tell me that the attacks made her want to study the politics of the world so that she wouldn't let her emotions cause her to misconceive the geopolitical situation.

Everyone will admit that they were affected by 9/11 one way or another. More often than not people want to get more information about a situation before drawing conclusions.



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