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Community/School/School Reports

An Teacher's Inspiration

Reporting and Photos by RockyKabir


Mr. Edward Susse has 132 kids, but only two of are actually his. A fifty seven year old educator. He is head of the science decrement, also the coordinator, of Yalow Institute of science research. Which is located at Washington Irving high school. He has achieved many thing is his like and he continues to achieve many thing each day

He has not been an educator all his life, but he was also a photographer, has worked in the advertising business, and also has been a teacher for 11years. Even tough he has been teaching for eleven years. He was also a English teacher in Afghanistan in 1967.

In his High School years He was " the perfect student", he was in the football team, baseball team, chess club, National Honors Society and got good a sat score. From high school he went to the university of Michigan. Far as the present is concerned, his last chemistry class students 90% percent of the passed the regents with sixty-five and above.

His inspiration are the kids, Mr.Susse get his energy from the students. In average school day he is severing the school. As busy as he is, yet he is a role model for students and teacher.

Mr. Susse believes that staying in a positive state of mind is his main key he says "he still has twenty more years to go. Even at his worse day he feels as if he has made a difference.

I have spoke to couple of his students from his chemistry class. Murshalin Galib is 17 years old, He says, "it's a good thing in Yalow and have someone like Mr.Susse to look up to. Ernesto Bautista "Its good to have a father figure dude, he looks out for all of us, he tried to make our life easier by telling us to stay on top of the game and shearing his experience. He tries to the best or everyone.


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