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Frequently Ask Questions

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  1. When was HarlemLive started? June, 1996
  2. What are the activities at HL? Jounalism, Reporitng, video, web design, public speaking, administration skills,
  3. How many participants? Depending of the time of year, 30 to 70
  4. What is the age range? 13 to 21
  5. Who funds us? We don't currently receive any direct, sustained funding but we have in the past received funding from Time Warner, Verizon, Bloomberg LLC, NYC Councilman Bill Perkins, State Assembyman Keith Wright, Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields, Calder Foundation and others. We receive in kind support from Teachers College.
  6. How do you donate? You can send checks to HarlemLIVE. All checks are tax deductible as we are a 501 3 c.
  7. Where are we located? 301 W. 125th Street 3rd Floor
  8. How do I get involved? We welcome help from the community and anyone who can. Please call us at 212 222 4681 or email us at harlemlive@aol.com
  9. What is the application process for a new teen that wants to join? Students can come, fill out application and be interviewed by one of their peers. We generally start anyone motivated to help in the production of the magazine and video.
  10. Do you have any other services besides the production of the magazine? Yes. HarlemLive provides services for fees including space rental for events, web site creation, workshops and more. See our page about us page