Real Deal Melts Iron

by Angel Colon

By now, I know you heard about the Holyfield-Tyson fight and if you didn't see it, good! To me, I think the fight was fixed because how does the youngest heavyweight champion go into a fight and get a beating the way Tyson did?

Everyone thought Iron Mike was going to knock Holyfield out, but Evander looked more like "Iron" with power punches and even a head bunt. Ten rounds were won by "Real Deal" Holyfield and only one, the fifth, was won by "Iron" Mike. He really showed the crowd why he was champ but other than that, Real Deal showed why he was the number one contender. The most shocking round was the eleventh. That's when Evander went for the KO, Knocking Mike silly. The crowd was chanting "Holyfield". I was chanting, "Please, no!" That's why I think the fight was fixed, Tyson looked like a child in that ring.

To me I think the whole jail thing took some of Tyson's power. You usually see Tyson come out of his corner with the eye of a tiger but for the first time ever, he came out in fear. You usually see Tyson with a lot of speed, but for the first time, he came out tired. Tyson usually takes his challenger out at least by the third round, but Real Deal Holyfield took him to the distance.

The last think I'm going to say is, "Rematch!"