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Elliot Martinez


Elliot at Home My name is Elliot Martinez. I was born 7/31/83. My favorite hobby is art. My querencia is sitting on a bed drawing. I spend most of my time developing new characters.

When I was six years old, I went to an art museum and saw one of Leonardo DaVinci's pictures. I tried imitating him and developed an interest in drawing.

Then I started reading comics and imitated the characters.

Some of the characters in my drawings were inspired by Mortal Kombat. When I was 12, I began drawing my own characters, such as the ones in HarlemLive.

Please email me and let me know how to get back to you. I'm interested in your comments as I believe I could get better with input from others.

I would like to become a marine biologist and finish my degrees in college.









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