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Jimmy Belfon


Jimmy Belfon With  his Father and ricardo

My name is Jimmy and I am 11 years old. I attend Central Park East 1 elementary school. I'm in the 6th grade. My Hobbies are working with Computers, collecting basketball cards, Photography, Fishing and I am starting to build model cars. The reason why I wanted to work with HarlemLive is because I think that it is interesting to have a kid publication on the Internet. I also went this past summer to Alaska. I went with my family. We were fishing for Salmon and Halibuilt and Dolly Vardan.

Jimmy Belfon, on the right, with father, center

I am a professional photographer and so is my father. I mostly go with my father on a job. I use a "Olympus IS-2." I've been to Arizona twice and I took pictures the first time I went, when I was four years old. I took a picture of the black mountain when it was sunrise. That picture was published on a flutist's tape cover. I also took a picture at the 369th armory when Minister Louis Farrakhan was speaking to only men at the event which started the Million Man March. I took a picture that looks like a panoramic view of all the men that was at that event on the introduction page of the Million Man March book.









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