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HarlemLive youth find new ways

Harlem teenagers produce the multimedia magazine HarlemLive on the web. But the HarlemLive project is more than that. We provide a family atmosphere that supports the youth emotionally, academically and developing them as well rounded persons. Weve helped some transfer to better schools, get jobs and helped get into college.

Harlem is primarily an African American and Hispanic neighbourhood in New York City. It has many of the problems of an inner city within a large metropolis including impoverished and overcrowded schools. There has been a recent growth of small alternative schools with enthusiastic staff and administration. These schools, and HarlemLive, base their work in the believe that contact, achievement and accomplishment in the youths own community nurtures self-pride.

HarlemLive began in 1996 when teacher Richard Calton started working with five students. Aware that many youths were not interested in learning he wanted to stimulate that interest. With the help of a few volunteers and the exposure on an online publication the project was started. Since then, the project has grown rapidly, and has now over 80 youth and adults involved.

At the prizegiving ceremony in the Stockholm City Hall, the HarlemLive team were the youngest and most overwhelmed winners. As they say; How often can you say you received a prize from a King?

The HarlemLive team states that winning the Challenge Award has had a big impact on the projects development. As participants they got press attention, and then fundraising was easier. Now they have one full and one halftime position instead of all volunteer. Classes in html, journalism, computer programming, public speaking, college advisement, tutoring for students and more, has begun. Many HarlemLive students have gone to college or to jobs in the technology field. Now, a similar project is set up in Soweto, South Africa.

Visit HarlemLive - www. harlemlive.org