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His name is Kevin Benoit. The seventeen year old was born on January 2nd in Brooklyn. He currently lives in Crown Heights Brooklyn with his mother, father, younger brother (7) and two older sisters (22 & 23).
Kevin’s age can be very deceiving. The average 17 year-old is getting ready to enter their senior year in high school, working on getting the right amount of credits and planning for all the senior activities. Kevin on the other hand is on his way to his second year of college. He graduated from George W. Wingate H.S. in three years, just months after his 16th birthday. “Did you get skipped?”, he’s always asked. “NO, I went through every grade as a child and in High school you can’t get skipped. You have to get 40 credits and 7 gym classes and I did all that. I did everything the next person did, just in three years.” That’s always the response he gives.
Kevin is currently enrolled at John Jay College of Criminal Justice a CUNY school in New York City. He spends most of his time working on a newspaper, “Parlé Publications” which he started in May of 2004. He spends mornings in classes whether it’s Fall, Spring, or Summer and he also is branching out into an online publication HarlemLive, where he is working on becoming the Editor in Chief of the already established teen orientated organization. Most Days he’s back in the house to baby sit his seven year old brother. All this and he’s not even eighteen yet.
Kevin likes to consider himself a simple man. He lives by the notion that life is short. “I just want to accomplish some things before it’s all over.”

Parlé Publications happens to be one of the things he has done before it’s all over. Parlé Publications is the larger version of something that was once so small. In high school Kevin spent a lot of his time doing extracurricular activities, one included starting and putting together the first all student newspaper at his school. College can be so boring, a lot of the time so mid way through the spring semester Kevin decided he needed to do something to make good use of his days. He had already written for three different newspapers so starting this one could be no different. Parlé Publications is the finished product of a month long search for something to do. The planning process lasted through the month of April and by May 2nd Volume 1 was ready to go. By June 15th Volume 2 (June-July) was on the street and on August 16th Volume 3 (August-September) will be released.
Parlé’s goal is to become a free outlet of music, film, politics, comedy and of course poetry. Unlike Vibe, XXL, The Source or any of those other entertainment publications, Parlé features more than just music, and it gives the less fortunate ‘kid from the hood’ an opportunity to read about an artists or an author for no cost.
Parlé has something that will tweak the interest of everyone in this City. There’s a bit of everything available in his small publication and although you may not agree with everything, I can guarantee you’ll have something to share with a friend every time. What we have is more than just another Hip-Hop Publication-as if there aren’t enough as it is. With Parlé you’ll get your album reviews and interviews but on the next page there’ll be something informative, right next to that you’ll get something to make you laugh. IT’S A WIN-WIN!!!
Parlé’s success has been backed by many different individuals. Although advertising hasn’t picked up one man has supported in exchange for an advertisement from the beginning. Plus of course there are the record labels and authors and publicists who see Parlé as a chance to get some much needed publicity.

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