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Community/Pulse of the People


A Place of Teen Convergence

Writing and Photos By Alex Rabin


On 66th Street and Broadway, there is a meeting place for teenagers from the neighboring schools in the area. In the late afternoon the gray concrete sidewalks are covered with specks of gum and the shadows of the kids in their commotion. An enormous amount of diversified students converge there together after their long troublesome days of enduring the turmoil from school. Kids sit on the cement planters that cover the to discuss different topics. The trees hang over the people as if they are also trying to listen to the conversation and gossip. The sky shines a cool blue over the children and the white clouds puff up with all the excitement from the kids. The chatting of the teenagers flourishes the energy around Lincoln Center. The place I am describing is called the "Squares." How this name was invented and derived, I am unsure. Though, I think that what influenced the name is either that it is in Lincoln Center or because of all the square cement planters.

There is an abundant amount of kids that come from all over the place. The kids who come are also very different from each other. There are many contrasting cliques that are seen at the Squares. Kids of every different race can be seen at this location. There are punks, people who are involved in the hip-hop culture, kids who enjoy playing sports, graffiti writers and any other kind of person you would hope to find. These kids come from different schools, including Laguardia, Beacon, Environmental, and York Preparatory and other schools in the remote area.
Kids come to the Squares for many different reasons. Teenagers go to see their friends, hear the newest rumors and scandals that are going on, hang out and grab a bite to eat. It's also a place for healthy relaxation. Excitement can be obtained just from the company of friends instead of gaining excitement by other motives.
Even though this place prospers with joy for most people, sudden fights and random problems do take place at the Squares. Every once in a while, there is a spurred problem, which ends up in a fight. School security and cops scour the premises and try to rid 66th street of kids. Only last year, a kid was stabbed at the Squares. They scold and harass the kids to leave and go on with their business.

The Squares is a great place for a kid to consume his or her time. It is a place to meet all different kinds of new people and hang out with friends. Despite its negative aspects, the Squares is probably going to stay this way for a number of years and remain a place for teen convergence.

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