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Life In The City/Manhattan
Date Posted:3/4/05

The New Jets Stadium
by:Sharis Winfield

The New York Jets unveiled their long inspired ideas to create a brand new Sports and Convention center. Anticipated to be one of New York’s most exciting new buildings, it will anchor for the new Hudson Yards community. The new stadium’s height has been steadily reduced by more than ten stories. The stadium was initially going to have over fifteen stories but in order to maintain proper safety and stable agility the complex will stand at ten stories high. With 180,000 square feet of complex and a truly unique design, the stadium will portray from the inside out the great essence of New York.

The new public plaza of the convention center will be built along the three blocks that are bound by 30th and 33rd Street and 11th and 12th avenue and it will ensure a great new experience to the public. The grand plaza is to be built over rail yards and will be located just a few miles south of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

There are great benefits coming from the building of this large complex. Thousands of temporary and permanent jobs will be available for the hard working individuals of New York City. They will generate perhaps millions of dollars in annual revenue. Most of the proceeds will be used to help support and supply Firefighters, Police and New York State teachers. The profits will also fund any new buildings, complexes and or arenas in the New York area to come in due time. As a result of the new stadium the citizens of New York will have a chance to experience their favorite sports in a clean, healthy safe environment. Perhaps safety will not be so much of an issue anymore when dealing with large amounts of people. Apart from housing the New York Jets the convention center will serve as a concert hall, and convention plaza. Also, the stadium will be used for the upcoming 2012 Olympics if New York City is chosen as the prime location for the honorable event. With a positive atmosphere and a strong foundation this new convention center will greatly influence the city, economically and socially.

Quite a few new developments have been made regarding the stadium. According to ESPN Wire, the stadium has yet again been reduced in height by one hundred and twenty feet. The unique design of steel façade will be replaced instead with semi- opaque glass. With many drastic changes regarding this $1.4 billion stadium there comes difficulty. Ever since it was proposed last year it has been a controversial issue. Raising opposition within the residents of the area, local politicians, few civic committees and of course with Madison Square Garden, all of whom work hard and thoroughly in order to preserve the sanctity and natural positive energy of their neighborhood. With individuals slowly adapting to the possibility of the new stadium, the plans are still underway and as far as the stadium is concerned, there should be a new West Side stadium in no time. Currently the New York Jets share a stadium with the New York Giants in New Jersey, but their lease expires in 2008. Hopefully the stadium will be built long before or soon after that depressing deadline.


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