Harlem and Related Web Sites
  • Experience Brooklyn's own Crown Heights Live
  • Discover the magazine of DiscoverHarlem.com

  • Harlem-Ontime
    Explore, enjoy, and join "Harlem-Ontime" a comprehensive online community based system dedicated to the economic, educational, social, and cultural development of people everywhere." Harlem.NYC has an excellent index, with links to community centers, cultural institutions, services, tourism, business and much more.






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Cultural, Spiritual, and Business Links

  • UrbanYouth A site for teens in urban cities with a goal to unite different communities online.
  • Ebony The popular African American Magazine
  • SavvyVoter A non-partisan election forum for NYC residents.
  • Black Families.com BlackFamilies.com is the place to find useful family-oriented content and resources, and to interact and react to relevant issues.

  • In The Mix
    The web site of the P.B.S reality show for teens

  • Listen Up
    Listen Up!has engaged more than 1,000 youth from diverse backgrounds in the researching, writing, production, editing and distribution of their own media.
  • African American Literature Book Club
    The goal of AALBC.com is to increase knowledge of the diversity of African American literature, to facilitate the exchange of opinions, and satisfy your online book buying needs and serve as a resource and vechicle of expression for aspiring and professional writers.

  • Daily Candy
    A New-York based new media company that is providing educational information on activities, dinning and local services in the new york area. This site delivers a fruitful knowledge on the life in this diverse city called NY.





Black History
  • IN QUEST OF BLACK HISTORY Students are assigned a news story to write and edit, based on African American achievements and successes-- both men and women.

  • AFRICAN AMERICAN INVENTORS This page presents a full hands-on research and creative lesson plan on African American inventors. Students work in teams to research the inventor and his invention, and then must create a video program for a fictional mini- series on African American History Month. Rubrics included.

  • BLACK HISTORY MONTH--A CELEBRATION Find several biographies on distinguished and notable African Americans.

  • THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MOSAIC From the Library of Congress, find a resource guide for studying all aspects of African American history and culture.

  • POWERFUL DAYS IN BLACK AND WHITE Sometimes pictures say it all... A look at the Civil Rights movement in America.

  • BLACK HISTORY PAST TO PRESENT This interactive webhunt addresses some powerful ques- tions to students, using online resources from prominent African Americans to search back in time for the his- tory of Black America and the issues concerning all Amer- icans today.

  • BLACK QUEST POWER RESOURCE LINKS A comprehensive source/guide and gateway to African and African American history, culture and society

  • "The African-American Mosaic,"the Library of Congress's online exhibition about black history and culture. Includes sections about colonization,abolition,the migration of African Americans to the North and the western U.S., and WPA projects pertaining to African Americans.

  •   African American History: Historical Text Archive Many sites giving incite into the lives and customs of blacks living in small towns across the U.S.

  • Black History Month Site A Web-ring informing the universe of African American History.

  • Black History Month Sites A Site with many African American Links

  • Americans United for Affirmative Action timeline of people and events, 1776-1991
  • Harlem: Mecca of the New Negro

  • Tips on talking to children about diversity and racism,with links to sites on civil rights and hate crimes. Sponsored by the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights

  • PBS "Dialogue on Race". President Clinton and eight others,representing various minority groups discuss questions such as "unfinished business" , "class vs. race",and "the roots of racism. "Links to other discussions connected with the President's Initiative on Race. listener comments

  • A.Philip Randolph and the PBS documentary about his and achievements. ordering information for video

  • www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/BHM/AfroAm.html A very informative site with many links, and different activities

  • Links to Amistad-related texts,materials,and projects, both historical and contemporary

  • Collection of Civil Rights projects created by ninth-graders at North Hagerstown (Maryland) High school

  • Birmingham Civil Rights Institutes description of it's permanent exhibits.

  • Synopsis of current African geography and politics, country by country. Also African games. Also very little on African-American history

  • Writings by and about African Americans, mostly focusing on late nineteenth, early twentieth century and links to other similar sites

  • Human and civil rights web-site including guides to African-American studies, South Africa, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,slavery; also, Civil Rights lesson plans and links to sights of numerous organizations and institutions concerned with Civil and human rights. From the Indiana Civil Rights Commission

  • Links to sites about Amistad, MLK, lesson plans, African American history, the arts, etc

  • Study Guides and lesson plans based on the New Orleans Civil Rights movement, Plessy vs. Ferguson, and "Eyes on the prize."

  • National Civil Rights museum. Overview of African-American history, with short bios of selected individuals and events






Youth and Interactive Media

  • Link to VTEENS.ORG a website reaching out to youth members. Also updating teens on the latest news with a teen point of view.

  • Link to Youth Media. MediaChannel is a media issues supersite, featuring criticism, breaking news, and investigative reporting from hundreds of organizations worldwide. As the media watch the world, we watch the media.

  • Link to Wiretap is the independent information source by and for socially conscious youth.

  • Link to Youth Outlook. The award-winning monthly publication by and for young people who have stories to share.

  • Link to Teen Voices an online magazine about girls being themselves and realizing their potential.

  • Link to The International Youth Hall of Fame a non-profit organization to show appreciation and support for the majority of youth who are making a positive difference at home, in school, and in the community.

  • Link to Goosehead.com a community entertainment network for teenagers, created by a teenager.
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