7th Heaven Critique

by Crystal Calderon















The show Seventh Heaven is pretty much a show that focus on the issues that any family can go through. The show focuses on a lot of different issues such as relationships, happiness, work, sympathy, teasing, etc. Just about anyone can watch this show because of the range of issues, and people it covers. It can be very realistic sometimes, but other times, the focus in an episode can be pretty outrageous.

The issues talked this season are different from the ones of last season. The ones last season were about relationships, and teasing, work, sympathy, etc. But this season, since the cast is getting older, the issues are a lot more personal. There is the issue with teen rebellion, taking place in the character Simon (David Gallagher) issues with Annie (Catherine Hicks) who is trying to survive and maintain her romance life and family while suffering menopause, and other issues involving choices, involving Mary (Jessica Biel) whose parents want her to enroll into college.

I think that this season is a lot better than the last season because the issues are a lot easier to relate to. The people are easy to relate to as well, because the cast is made up of people who are different ages, so anyone who watches the show has someone and something to relate to.




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