by Regina Frasier


Everyday I sit in my room and pray...
That god would send me a friend.
One that wouldn't see me for what I am on the outside,
but what was on the inside.

For someone that wouldn't take me for granted,
for being the friend that I was,
whom I wouldn't take for granted either.

For someone that would spend time with me.
Someone who thought about the things they could give me,
the same way I would think about them.

Someone who knows the best gifts in the world are love and affection, made of time and attention.
Who knew that the whole concept of being a friend was to stand aside and listen; to let that person to grow.
A true friend that was going to be there for me no matter what.

That night I recieved my answer...

After nights and nights I came to god and asked why he didn't answer my prayers.
He said, "what have I done for you?"

So I said..

"You stood beside me through all things that I thought couldn't be accomplished and they were."

"You help me smile after hours and hours of crying."

"It never mattered to you that I wasn't the richest person in the world when it came to you gave me advice".

"You have always been here for me during trial and tribulations."

Finally, I said, "all together you have been a good friend."

I looked at him and he said, "Why give you something that you already have? I am the friend that you are looking for. The one that is not selfish , loving and listens. The one that you have looked for and you have found. And I love you."





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