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Christina Camacho


My name is Christina Camacho and I am a student at CPESS. I'm an average student on my senior year. When I graduate I want to go to Sarah Lawrence College to become a teacher for elementary mute children. I want to become a teacher because this is what I've been doing most of my life. I got the idea of becoming a teacher when I was in tenth grade when I chose a community service placement at CPE 1 with Liz, who taught 1st and 2nd graders.

Now I now that I'm sure of becoming a teacher because this summer I worked with the East Harlem Tutorial Program. The East Harlem Tutorial Program is for kids in 1st-8th grade. This program takes place everyday after school from three to six, what we do is help kids with their homework and we have different activities such as art and drama.

The things I like to do on my spare time is play volleyball, read a good mystery novel, and hanging out with my friends.