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Stacy Johnson



My name is Stacy Johnson and I am fifteen years old. I was born on the seventh of November 1985, on the island of Jamaica. I am the youngest of ten children. After living in Jamaica for eleven years, the majority of my family and I moved to Manhattan, New York.

At first, I thought the transition from Jamaica to the United States was fairly easy. The first school I attended in the US was Booker T. Washington, M.S. 54. I thought this school to be very easy work wise, but I felt that socially, it was a big transition. While making friends was not hard, fitting in with my surroundings was.

I am currently a junior at the Beacon School, and I am anxiously anticipating college. I am interesting in computers, photography and journalism.

In the future I hope to major in Computer Science. I may have two majors or a major and a minor. For example, Computer Science as a major and journalism or photography as minors. In my spare time I either play on my computer, read, listen to the radio, or watch television.