Bryan Conforme: Webmaster
What up! My name is Bryan Conforme I currently live in the Bronx and I come down to W. 125th St. to be apart of HarlemLive. I had been enjoying web design and graphic so I figured HarlemLive would be an opportunity for me to show others what I can do with a computer in front of me. Right now I’m HarlemLive’s new Web Master. I started in October working only on the staff page and now I’m their Web Master and I even have a position in HL Designs an organization that works in web development. I also accompany HarlemLive’s editor in chief (Kevin Benoit) in his newspaper “Parle”. Parle is the hottest newspaper in New York. I help him with most of his graphics in the newspaper. I do the covers, banners and flyers. If you haven’t heard of Parle come through HarlemLive and pick up the new issue. This is what it is… HarlemLive just ask about me.
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