Rhonesha Byng/ Reporter
 My name is Rhonesha Byng. I am 16 years old and I attend Edward R. Murrow High School. I am currently on the staff of my school newspaper The Murrow Network. I am a reporter as well as assistant layout editor. I am into a lot of things, but I especially enjoy writing. Writing is very influential and I want to make an impact on the world. The media is a force that is very powerful and allows a medium in which to reach millions of people.

Besides writing I am also interested in modeling, shopping and reading. I like hanging out with my friends and going to concerts. I am interested in psychology as well. I have plans to create my own magazine, or to be an editor at a successful magazine. I also would like to host a television show, or produce or anything to do with television and the media. I am interested in music and have thought of perhaps becoming a publicist or an entertainment reporter as a way to combine my love of music and journalism.
Though, alas, entertainment isn't my only forte. I'm also intrigued by psychology, so if I don't pursue media, after all, I'd love to be a psychologist with my own practice.
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